Mind and our Relationship with it… (Part 3)

In our previous blog, we have analyzed about happiness and unhappiness, now let’s think through what we experience when we go through those feelings.
Take a scenario, you are young and your dad is taking you to beach on a ​hot summer day along with your sister. You noticed Ice cream shop and hot food stall next to each other. Now you will be deliberating between whether you want hot chips or chocolate ice-cream. Even if your sister wanted to have chips, you insisted your dad that due to hot weather, it is better to get an ice-cream. Then you finally get what you want and your sister cries and settles down for ice-cream. You feel victorious. This incident can be recalled after many years when you are sitting next to your sister.
The above is a common scenario for everyone and we can see that the following aspects of our mind:
1. Deliberation: Once the desire arises, then the first thing we get is deliberation. This part of the mind is like a pendulum and swings between this and that. This is driven by the choices given us, external factors, our knowledge, and inherent desires. This part of the mind is the weakest link. Habits are formed due to repeated deliberation and stuck to the desired object without getting proper help from the determination part of the mind.
2. Determination: This part of the mind makes the decisions. This analyzes the pro’s and Con’s for the cogitation and instructs us which will be the best course of action for us at that point of time. This faculty of mind works based on intuitiveness, experiences gathered and the knowledge from various sources. This is the critical part of the mind function. If this is clouded with desires and wrong information, our decisions will be what we want and not what is best for us. Awakening of this faculty has to be done at very young age and it should be kept pure as far as possible. This is what determines the value and principles of each individual.
3. Stored experiences: once the desire gets fulfilled and if it involves the determination and Ego, which we will see next, it gets converted into an experience and the physical device called our brain stores it. So we don’t have to face the same dilemma when we visit the beach on hot summer day. The storehouse provides the information and easy for to determine what we need to do. That’s how it becomes the habit. Also, if you experience victory or defeat, it makes a mark in your brain.
4. Ego: This part of the brain is the key factor and deludes us to think that the ice-cream brought happiness at that point and victorious over our sister. This part of the mind connects our experiences and our body together. As this tie becomes stronger, our determination power will be clouded and it will be focused only on sensual pleasures.

Why do we need Vedanta? (Part 2)

Happiness and Un-Happiness Before we analyse Vedanta and how it will help us to transcend all our difficulties and provide permanent happiness in this life here itself, we need to understand what is happiness and un-happiness.  We also need to understand about the Body-Mind complex relationship.  In this section, we will go through some points… Continue reading Why do we need Vedanta? (Part 2)