Why do we need Vedanta? (Part 2)

Happiness and Un-Happiness

Before we analyse Vedanta and how it will help us to transcend all our difficulties and provide permanent happiness in this life here itself, we need to understand what is happiness and un-happiness.  We also need to understand about the Body-Mind complex relationship.  In this section, we will go through some points about happiness and un-happiness.

Happiness or Joy are mutually interchangeable words in the English language.  But they represent two different states.

When you are sitting on a beach, sitting in a park, gazing on a mountain, or after finishing your work, and after your game in the field, you feel the joy and it’s affected by nothing from the external world.

That’s what we can define as Joy.  The problem with us is, we never bother to understand where it comes from or why?  We immediately divert ourselves to the next task…and that’s it.

That moment then vanishes.  When you describe that moment later to your friends, you will attribute that “joy” as “happiness” to the beautiful sunset on the beach, relaxing reading in the park, accomplishing your work, your victory in the game field, and so forth.

Happiness on the other hand, comes and goes as you set a target and obtain it.  But when you attain a goal, you are not satisfied, and want to achieve more goals. It goes on endlessly.

If you want to get a Master’s degree, you set a target and when you achieve it with flying colours, you get that happiness. But that is momentary.  After that, if that degree is not getting you the job which you wanted, that degree doesn’t provide the same happiness.

Just go back in time, when you were young and in primary school, and you won the first prize in the “show and tell” competition.  That time the whole world around you was praising you to the sky high, saying you are the best.But that happiness will not help you when you are asked to speak at work conference in later stage of your life. Those people are not around you to praise you when you finish your talk. So such happiness is not our Permanent Friend!!!

The same applies to sadness too. The opposite for happiness is sad, but Joy doesn’t have an opposite.  It is our pure essence of who we really are.

We can clearly see that:

  • Happiness and sadness are driven by external things.  But Joy is internal and no reason is required for us to experience it.
  • The twins are state of mind; and happiness and sadness are experienced by the mind.
  • re time-bound, while Joy is not time-bound.
  • External thing which brings the happiness also have the sadness built into it like two sides of the coin.  Joy is not bought or brought, it simply exists.
  • Happiness and sadness are goal-oriented.  Joyfulness is not goal-oriented.

In our next article, let’s dive a little deeper into our mind….continued part 3.


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