Why do we need Vedanta?

One set of Humans think, I have come from a good family, I got good education, I have nice wife and beautiful kids, good job, enough money to sustain my family. Do I really need this stuff?
Others Think, I don’t have good Job, I am suffering from various illness and no body understand me and support me? The world is full of nonsense and every one else( except me) is selfish.
Leaving aside questions like, “Will it solve world poverty?”, “Will it solve terrorism?, by understanding Vedanta,  What is there in for me is the question came to my mind. Due to that this series of articles from my studies and Guru’s.

 We learn and get university degrees to enhance our life, expecting it will bring financial freedom and happiness.Look at the world. How many fresh graduates finish their degrees every year around the globe and how many of them are successful? What happens to the rest of them? They live a mediocre life and they live with frustrations, jealousy and anger all bottled up.

The only way to exercise their bottled-up emotion is through the 3S of sports, sex and spirits(Alcoholic Spirits). The university education failed miserably to meet the promises of the students to achieve their goals in this world. That’s why we are now looking into moving into Mars.

On the other hand, positive psychology looks positive for the educated masses. Positive psychology tries to modify the emotions rather than finding the root cause and we try to impart that to uneducated masses. So a person dreams about becoming a King will get frustrated and die in a street like a beggar.

If you look at social media, you will see it full of positive messages and you get an instant “drug” to boost your positivism.

But in reality, your inner heart knows that it’s not going to work.  Our life’s like yo-yo’s, jumping between positive and negative.  When a person loses their job, positive psychology never works.  He or she will be thinking about feeding the family, paying the bills, and getting another job in the dark world.

So what should be done?  How can we make our happiness permanent, in between all this turmoil? Is there any solution?

World reformers in the past and present started very well with their mission, but they failed miserably in the end. 

They started the reform to change their behavior towards external things and when they see that it’s working out, they tried to change the external things to adapt to their changes. So they fail at the end. Then they leave only the legacy and principles behind. The world still continues to be the same…..

 I know the above picture doesn’t provide any positivism to our life and mind, and we’re still searching for the solution.  I am not lobbying for Vedanta and it doesn’t need anybody anyway.

So keeping the above in our mind, I will try to find how Vedanta can help us in my next article…to be continued….


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